Anmol Anubhai


Masters in Human Computer Interaction + Design, University of Washington, Seattle
2017-2018     GPA: 3.86/4                                                                                                  

BTech. in Information and Communication Technology, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Ahmedabad
2012-2015     CGPA: 3.51/4                                                                                                


  • User Experience Research
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Wire-framing
  • Designing interfaces in Sketch
  • Programming in C, C++ and Python


Genesis Artificial Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

Worked on the design and development of chat-bots customized for different applications and user groups. Involved in user research, software development using artificial intelligence algorithms and user-interface development.

HCI Internship under guidance of Prof. Tapan Parikh, Cornell Tech, USA
May 2015 - June 2015

Worked at Awaaz.De, Ahmedabad on the design of a mobile-based community network for resolution of concerns and questions of “Teach for India (TFI)” fellows and municipal school teachers. Carried out user survey and analysis, designed audio scripts for teachers’ training modules, and conducted pilot testing. 

Startup Kahinee: A Rural Healthcare Initiative using Voice Assisted Services 
Dec 2015 - Apr 2016

The goal was to provide medical awareness to uneducated under-privileged women through story-telling and local folklore. Conducted user research, built user persona, ideated the free Voice Assisted Mobile Service, collected user feedback on the idea using focus groups, developed content and built a prototype service that collected cloud-based call data for analysis and potential automated learning based enhancements. 


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Gujarati


Designed an E-ink Tablet for Museums - Immersion Studio

Designed an E-ink tablet for museums that helps visitors navigate according to their selected museum experience along with also providing them with the information about the art piece that they are standing in front of (by detecting the sensors on the art pieces). 

Designed a system for Judges and Clerks - Ideation Studio 

Designed a system for judges and clerks using which they can enter as well as access details about their ongoing cases. They can schedule as well as track their appointments and daily tasks. 

Data Visualization Project under Prof. Jeffrey Heer

Designed data visualizations as well as an educational source which included detailed text and videos, in order to help undergraduate CSE first year students understand the algorithm - "Simulated Annealing". You can find our article as well as data visualizations here:

Machine Learning Project under guidance of Professor Mehul Rawal, SEAS, AU

Worked with the Sasaki dataset having data about the carcinogenicity of chemical compounds on DNA of different organs of rats. Interacted with toxicologists to understand it in depth. For this, I used linear and non-linear regression models to understand, assess and explain the relationships between the affected DNA's tail length and the chemical compounds in question. These relationships were then used to predict the aforementioned missing data. Selected amongst 6 contestants chosen globally in Professor Andrew Ng’s #LearnML contest. Article Link:

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