UI Design | System for Judges and Clerks   

(Please see the video given below! It takes you through my low fidelity prototype 1)

Team Members: Aggie Tutia, Whitney Jenich, Anmol Anubhai

My Role: Conducting User Research, Prototyping, Designing Interaction Flow Diagrams and User Interface Design

Mentors: Michael Smith, Adi Azulay

Course Name: Ideation Studio

Project Duration: Sept 2017 - Dec 2017

Problem Statement

Poor communication and task management between judges and clerks in the municipal court can often lead to confusion and inefficient usage of time

Research Methods

Semi-Structured Interviews (Phone Calls & In Person) and Usability Study (Using Paper Prototypes) with law clerks, law librarians, judges and lawyers

Key Insights

1) Judges and Clerks are often “not on the same page”

2) Courts are trying to 'digitalize' systems but have been unsuccessful so far

3) Judges and Clerks are struggling to learn current electronic systems

4) Judges and Clerks often lose track of cases frequently


We designed a system for judges and clerks using which they can enter as well as access details about all their ongoing cases. They can schedule as well as track their appointments and daily tasks. 

We intend to help them be more efficient in their task management. We intend to make it simpler for judges, court clerks and law clerks to stay well informed about their on going cases. This system aims to help them work in sync while significantly bringing down the chances of miscommunication or loss of information. 

Shown above are our interaction flow diagrams for the interfaces: 1) Dashboard 2) Case Overview. 

Shown above are our interaction flow diagrams for the interfaces: 1) Case Details 2) Calendar

You can see our final User Interfaces below!

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