I have led projects as well as been a part of multidisciplinary teams that have worked together to design experiences that continue to add meaning, value and joy to the lives of our users. User satisfaction from meeting of explicit needs and delight from tacit ones is what I long to see!

I have graduated from the Master of Human Computer Interaction + Design at the University of Washington, Seattle and secured my Bachelor’s in Information and Communication Technology. I am currently working as a Senior UX Researcher on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) AI/ML Languages team. I have previously led UX Research for Uber Eats and Google AIUX Mobile Vision teams. 

I am the Chair for the IEEE 'Designing a User-Centered Interface for Rural Communities' group. I am also a part of the All Tech is Human Tech Experts Community, MLUX (Machine Learning User Experience) Seattle Leadership Committee, and the IEEE Trust Chronicles Committee led by John C Havens. Besides UX Research, I really enjoy making art on social topics for non profit organizations. I was invited to be a part of the prestigious IAVA (International Association of Visual Artists) organization - view the same here. My art was also featured in the Contemporary Art Curator magazine.

How I work?

Research. I love learning about people and care deeply about their concerns, beliefs and emotions. Thus, my first step is to collaborate with my users - listening to them, observing their processes and co-creating with them. I like to put much thought in the selection of my research methods in order to ensure that they help me learn about my users in great depth while not causing them discomfort. My experience working with diverse cultures helps me make sure that my research methods are always 'culture appropriate'. The process of user research is spiritual for me because it helps me practice detachment from my biases and perceptions while helping me step into my user's shoes in order to be able to empathize with them. 

Prototype. I enjoy the process of coding my research findings and making visualizations that help me distill as well as effectively communicate my findings. These findings in turn inform the design of my prototypes. I use my prototyping and programming skills to translate my findings into quick prototypes that I take back to my users and seek their feedback at multiple points in my process. I believe in iterative design.

Grow Together. You will always find me enthused about collaborating and working with multidisciplinary teams, understanding the challenges that different problem spaces may pose for us and exploring creative methods to break through the same. All my team projects till date have always helped me grow personally.

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